ProMods and TSM?

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05 Mar 2016 15:07

Spain in ETS1 was totally diferent to real life, we are not living in middle of Africa :lol:

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07 Mar 2016 12:21

IvanGF14 wrote:Spain in ETS1 was totally diferent to real life, we are not living in middle of Africa :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Never was in Spain...(in real life).... not yet.... :mrgreen: It will be great to have in ETS game some real routes. Thanks Ivan.

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27 Mar 2016 14:09

Mixing these two maps? I know it's agreement to don't do that, but I think TSM team should make patch adding southern teritories as addon to Promods map. This could be done as separate version of TSM map. For example - I download EAA map to have Brazil, so with this patch I download TSMProPatch map and I have southern teritories of TSM and full Promods map. I know maps have huge overlap, but until Promods release full-version of Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy, Balkans, Greece and Turkey, using compatible TSM segments will be nice. Mario did similiar thing - illegally. Promods quality is much much better than TSM quality, but TSM quality is not bad and I enjoyed it well. For driving in Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy and Balkans with Promods we need about 2 years IMO, in this time TSM patch could be used. I think creating Promods-compatible addon version of TSM won't hurt anyone. TSM team will earn more (more downloads, because more compatibility) and Promods team don't lose anything.
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27 Mar 2016 14:41

It would be a nightmare to maintain as ProMods are working in areas well outside of current map borders

Anyone half decent mapper can create a mod based on a combination
If you can get it to work with full versions of ProMods and TSM installed please do so

ProMods will NOT put neither the time nor the effort in such a patch

It may look easy to combine the maps, but there are transition areas that are very hard to connect decently and those connections have to be built too.
There is also the chance of conflicting assets, which may also add to the frustration

No point i discussing this further as we'll be running aroound in circles: Topic Locked
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