[REL] Southern Region Map 8.0 [1.37]

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28 Jul 2019 21:51


To be honest, both Arayas and Sergeys road connections should work, I use Sergeys myself!
If you still want help, then please post your game log from when the game crashed!

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Do you know where your mod folder is located? Up one folder and there is that file!
What I said to ianallaway goes for you too! If still crashing, post game log!

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29 Jul 2019 08:36

DarknessEagleX wrote:
28 Jul 2019 21:48
I crash at the same place as you. just above Kutaisi.the blue circle shows where the game crashes for me when I get there.
I downloaded the TEXFIX but I still crash there. and I couldn't find the mentioned config.cfg file with the line you could change.
The config file is My documents\Erotrucksim directory. What road connection are you using, I was using Sergeys but I changed to Arayas and it now works.

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29 Jul 2019 13:18

LudoModding wrote:
19 Jul 2019 10:55
@bengt.jensie :

it's this archive that is corrupted "Southern_Region_map.7z.001[500.0 MB]", so I end up with 5.7z files but I can't extract them because the first archive that is used to extract the pack, and corrupted it 6 times since I DL ^^
Have you tried using download manager like IDM?
Sharemods servers are quite inconsistent in my place (Philippines) with their download speed. Worse case scenario, they stop the download, making the file incomplete or corrupt.
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29 Jul 2019 15:10

hey, i have a problem with southern region 7.9.0

i downloaded all 6 files, but there is no file, which i can extract and the files do not show up in the mod manager. but they´re in the mod folder. can someone please help me?

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29 Jul 2019 18:09


you have to extract the first file (.001) - open it with the latest version of WinRAR or 7-zip.

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29 Jul 2019 19:14

That's what i'm trying to do all the time. But every time i try to extract the file, a window pops up which says, that it isn't possible. And when I downloaded all 6 files, i have 6 .scs files. I also compromised it and tried to extract the first file and the window pops up again. I don't know what to do

Update: Problem solved
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29 Jul 2019 19:46

well, switching from Sergey's road connection to Arayas's worked for me as well. it didn't crash when I drove from Kutaisi north

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29 Jul 2019 21:09

Does this version of Southern Region v7.9.0 work with Rusmap v1.9.0 (Sergey061) because I'm having a crash at ETS startup so not sure if it's not compatible or whether I need to install anything else.?

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29 Jul 2019 22:36

They are compatible. Our recommended load order will be updated shortly.
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01 Aug 2019 07:13

Fix for Russian police in Middle East (for both Southern Region and RusMap): https://sharemods.com/zr7e63nio1cr/ME_- ... x.scs.html

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