[REL] Southern Region Map 7.9.0 [1.35.x] + Fix for 1.36 [UPD 2019-12-15]

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Thanks for your help and the game no longer crashes, but it was not due to insufficient memory. Well I admit I had to install a pirate version, but only to see if my pc was going to follow and if I liked the game. After a month I therefore bought the official version, except that I did not uninstall the old version and I saw that there was the installation file in: this pc> c> games and which should to be in conflict. In any case I uninstalled all and went back to a complete installation and last night I tried and no more crash
By cons a question what changes what to change the value of r buffer?
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23 Mar 2020 15:41

Insert this:

-mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000
-mm_max_resource_size 35

at the end of the Target text of ETS2 Game Shortcut
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Hi guys. My game is crashing in a lot of roads of SR Map. It always crash on the road from Dzhubga to Goryachy Klyuch or from Apsheronsk to Nizhegorod and Guamka. Does this happen with other people?

Thanks for the help

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