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25 Jul 2016 23:24


My friend is making a standalone Slovakia map, and i wanted to asked, if somebody know or is making a standalone map that have borders with Slovakia. I know this doesn't belong here, but i want to help him.

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04 Aug 2016 20:12

Maybe you can ask promods map makers?
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04 Aug 2016 20:42

I doubt they have time to do additional requests. But there are some guys that can use map editor or you can help him yourself ;)
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05 Aug 2016 10:05

AlexVanVught wrote:Maybe you can ask promods map makers?
I think the ProMods map makers have a lot of work with expending the European map, and this is much important to have more roads on Promods... (in Spain, Italy, North-Norway, Sweden, Finland... Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece ... for example) to have much more in each country. Now Germany, Poland, Austria looks well.
They work is very good and we must thanks to them for that.
I think for the standalone maps, you need find map "beginners", they learn and are more useful. 8-)

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05 Aug 2016 23:32

Definitely not me. Don't have time making more than i am doing. Also, as i am beta tester, don't have time making another standalone map.
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06 Aug 2016 05:48

Well, i am making a standalone map, and its really difficult!
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