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rudenkov vladimir
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23 Sep 2016 03:43

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24 Sep 2016 07:09

This is my complete load order:

Code: Select all

Soundfix pack
Real European Gas Stations
Alcoa Trailer Chrome
Alcoa Trailer Replace
Promods def v2.11
Promods TCP v1.11 Trailers Standalone Def
Promods TCP v1.11 Companies Def
Jazzycat Trailer pack Eng
Jazzycat Trailer pack part 1
Jazzycat Trailer pack part 2
Promods TCP v1.11 Trailers 1
Promods TCP v1.11 Trailers 2
Promods TCP Companies
ProMods v2.11+RusMap v1.6.3 Fix
Project Balkans - Def v2.11
Project Balkans - Map v2.11
Project Balkans - Assets v2.11
RusMap-map v1.6.3
RusMap-model 1 v1.6.3
RusMap-model 2 v1.6.3
RusMap-def v1.6.3
ProMods Extension v0.2
Promods map v2.11
Promods model 1-v2.11
Promods model 2-v2.11
Promods media v2.11
Promods assets v2.11
Egypt v1.01 Promods Fix
Egypt v1.01 Addon
EAA Brazil Map (edited) v4.1
Real European Companies
Scandinavian Company Pack
Scandinavian Trailer Pack
Galimim'sReal Tires Mod
Volvo Stock Sound for Ohaha (or Eugene's) Volvo.
Eugene's Volvo FH&FH16 2012 reworked (or Ohaha's truck)
Jazzycat AI traffic
Jazzycat Russian Traffic def
Jazzycat Russian Traffic base
Jazzycat bus traffic
Jazzycat Truck traffic
Jazzycat Painted BDF traffic
Jazzycat Painted Truck Traffic

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24 Sep 2016 16:18

didn't check the "loadorderpage" ..did see it now and it's not what I have been using since I started playing.... :D

the proper loadorder with promods-rusmap have been in the descriptionfiles for rusmap since early releases,
whatever, here is my fully working modmanagerlist and Egypt is still at the bottom right corner :P
Moved ProMods model's up above RusMap's to avoid CTD when in Russia (missing stuff...don't think this is fixed yet ...doesn't hurt 2 keep 'em there)

I also noticed U have the AI-mods below the maps... recommended is above mapmods to avoid conflicts/overwriting stuff and so on...

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25 Sep 2016 22:29


Can I ask you kindly what exactly did you edit in EAA Brazil Map (edited) v4.1 ?
For the life of me I cannot make Promods work with EAA Brazil map, normal, not bus map. ( I tried the bus map, didnt work, and i dont want a bus map anyway)
Actually, I never could make it work with either TSM nor Promods..I can extract it and repair the archive etc, but I have no clue how to make them compatible :cry: . The only maps I can use with Promods is the Panjelajers Indo Map and the Egypt Addon.

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26 Sep 2016 04:23

I followed this here: http://www.promods.net/viewtopic.php?f= ... 20#p127770

Also, I deleted these folders:


and the files from \def\vehicle\

This is due to the fact that these truck changes are invasive to the rest of the maps that are enabled.

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26 Sep 2016 11:13

Wow. amazingly fast reply. I didnt expect this so soon.
Yes, I read that the Brazil Map mod converts all traffic and trailers to the brazilian one, thats a huge turn off. Thanks a lot for telling what to delete exactly. I didnt find this information anywhere else, and I cant figure it out by myself lol, due to my brain capacity or lazyness, dunno.

Thank You so much !

---okay, at first i thought it still doesnt work, and I almost gave up on it forever...like ef this map. it didnt work before, it doesnt work even when i have a step by step guide how to make it work...when i realized, i deleted an extra }
So in the guide in which it tells you to delete some code entries, its not entirely a n00b friendly guide, and i deleted them based on my logic analyzing the previous entries, so
remove the lines:
terrain.mat.168 ---> terrain.mat.175 from terrain_material.sii
i deleted
material_def : terrain_mat.168{ path: "/material/terrain/stone_bridge_fr.mat" } all the way to 175....but, i also deleted all the } } which made no difference ingame, crash on trying to load the game as usual...but after readding two } like this, } } to the end of the lines where the lines i deleted used to be,,,the game loaded up, no crash, and i can see Brazil on my map.
And everything works, i tested it to some degree.

Okay, im done commenting, maybe it will help somebody else too. Back to topic, sorry for sidetracking.
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26 Sep 2016 11:53

That's what the discussion thread is there for. Back to topic now please.
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29 Sep 2016 07:47

Where is search password for this addon ?.? :(

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01 Oct 2016 06:31

Read the entire first POST by author and it will be revealed 8-)
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03 Oct 2016 12:32

Hi könnte ich bitte das Passwort haben vielen vielen dank

Google Translate wrote: Hi could I please have the password many many thanks
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