Realistic Russian highways, Better tr. flow and other mods

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20 Sep 2019 20:47

Does somebody want to take care of Realistic Russian highways until I start to play ETS2 again (that may take a few years, depends on SCS)?
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09 Nov 2019 09:14

Hello, guys!
I have the same problem with Southern Region, there is no connection with Rusmap, because of a huge gap after city of Voronezh.
More over after city of Sluck, truck goes down the ground and the game crashes. I think, that it's conflict with Roex-Rusmap connection. If I put RRH files above, everything works, but connection with Braynsk from Roex-Rusmap connection doesn't work.
Pity, that I had to remove Realistic Russian highways, cause for me it's the best modification. Cause of I'm from Russia and Brainiac made an excellent job with those fantastic and realistic interchanges.

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