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15 May 2018 21:04

Franco-Schweiz will be a seperate standalone map.
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17 May 2018 14:06

So they keep 1:1
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17 Jun 2018 18:53

Sorry, but firstly you said the map would be released before Christmas, than "end of May". Now it's the middle of June and instead of publish the map, you post screens about a whole different map project? Will Tregion EVER release?
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17 Jun 2018 20:43

That is risk of posting release dates. Sven, remove estimated date and say Valleyball's life motto.
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17 Jun 2018 21:11

The updates of ets2 by scs made it not simple. Every time a comptability version was needed, it took more time. Not every developer is prepared to a next update. As you know the developers do this in their free time beyond their real life. Things have happened in the private life of some developers which has retarded the progress.

The map will be released when it's ready and better a less bugged version than an unfinished map full of bugs.
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17 Jun 2018 21:35

Due to the SCS updates, it kind of made a mess in my progress of Zoetermeer which fucks up the entire release. Also the loss of ProMods support because we are still working and not releasing, is making it harder for us because now we have to convert everything ourselves next to ProMods doing it for themselves. We are very disappointed in this way of working. M95 has moved his focus from ProMods to Tregion for a while. He is a co-founder of the project and is really helping us to have to product done. Jasper, Lamarr and M95 are working on finishing 0.1 and lets hope that it will be in beta A.S.A.P. I can't make it better than it is right now. It's done when it's done.
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09 Jul 2018 12:40

OUR OFFICIAL 0.1 TRAILER IS LIVE! CHECK IT OUT! https://blog.tregion.net/2018/07/09/tim ... l-trailer/
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09 Jul 2018 12:55


Looks fantastic..

Are in the 0.1 version already some German areas included or only netherlands?

Anyway I a looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!!


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09 Jul 2018 13:15

It looks very great. More than a few times to wait. :D


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10 Jul 2018 00:09

That is absolutely stunning!

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