[REL] The Great Steppe - v 1.36 [1.36.x] [rel: 23.12.19]

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23 Dec 2018 06:52

You are clever too much, sometimes much more than you need ... If you can read and understand what is written and follow the news in this topic, then why are you asking?

RK Map_The Great Steppe _ v1.2


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23 Dec 2018 15:47

That was 2 months ago.Do you think that I remember all things which I read?
I know that 1.2 version is not new and then I see on ETS2.lt which cares about copyrights new 1.2 version. Logically, because I didn't remember that post, I thought that it is fake release and wanted to report. But download link isn't usual sharemods with known mod stealer uploader.
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23 Dec 2018 15:55

Are you aware if Rusmap have any plans to add Astrakhan sometime in the future, if not would you consider adding it someday to allow for a second connection to Russia?
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27 Dec 2018 21:58

In the event that in the near future someone starts to build a road towards Astrakhan, I mean aldim @ tor or SimKA. So I could start to build the map sectors of the great steppe of the border with Russia, while developing in parallel other regions of my country. At the moment, no one is interested in this area as far as I know.

Over time, we can tie the Caspian Sea, but this is a great thing and it is not done right away ...
RK Map_The Great Steppe _ v1.2


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05 Jan 2019 23:53

Just curious does this mod work with 1.33 and promods 2.32 ? after that darned baltic DLC lol. I really wanna try this mod out with my current 1.33 map combo

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06 Jan 2019 00:06

Yes it works with ETS2 1.33 and ProMods 2.32.

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06 Jan 2019 09:52

Hello, my Turk brother. Are you planning to put a ferry between Baku and Kazakhstan on the YKS map? Good work!

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09 Jan 2019 01:29

There is no connection to the Caspian sea on the "steppe side" yet, but the Dev said that he could expand to that direction, as far as i could understand. Maybe then there could be a ferry. But let's just wait and let the guy do his thing. He did a great job, really!

BTW: I hope you are using the "YKSRSK Rescaled" Version and not the original one, which is too big. The rescaled Version fits perfectly with Promods and many other maps and you even can enjoy PM-Cyprus.
It has some little flaws but it's not a big deal. ;)
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13 Jan 2019 19:15

Has anyone tested the current version on ETS2 1.33?

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14 Jan 2019 00:39

Yes, it's working like a clock
id777 ;)

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