[REL] The Great Steppe - v 1.36 [1.36.x] [rel: 23.12.19]

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26 Apr 2019 18:59

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26 Apr 2019 20:53

Yes! So good this map is still being built! Really nice photos btw ;)
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26 Apr 2019 21:54


I'm having an issue with unzipping and extracting the "The Great Steppe - model_v1.2.scs" file.

- To be clear, I have downloaded all three parts on first post
- Tried with both WinRar and 7zip.
- The .zip file went well with WinRar until an error showed that both the Z01 and Z02 were unreadable and/or damaged
- I could open the z01 and z02 files with 7zip and trying to extract the model_v1.2.scs file resulted in a "CRC Failed" message.

Is a re-download of these files in order? I remember in the past I've had download issues with "parts" of mods and a second time it magically worked.
Did anyone have a similar issue?

Good evening to all of you.

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26 Apr 2019 22:50

is it Aktau?
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27 Apr 2019 00:58

Looks like it is Aktau, considering that it has oil refinery and other industrial areas that would have such kind of structures + it is quite dry as compared to the Kyzylorda.

And why are you using French prefabs? Baltic DLC does offer lots of realistic prefabs for ex-USSR areas. Besides that, it looks amazing, and I can't wait to drive there once it is done. Continue doing a good job!
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27 Apr 2019 10:54

You are all right, this is the city of Aktau.
Horizon™ wrote:
27 Apr 2019 00:58

And why are you using French prefabs?
Because I thought that the black color of asphalt texture is the most suitable, I also do not encounter any special problems with suitable prefabs.

and lastly:
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27 Apr 2019 11:43

Without Rusmap how do we get to your map now? :(
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27 Apr 2019 18:29

We'll be able to go there soon with the several road connections that are being developed as we speak!
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27 Apr 2019 19:20

RikkyBobby13 wrote:
27 Apr 2019 11:43
Without Rusmap how do we get to your map now? :(
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27 Apr 2019 19:42

RikkyBobby13 wrote:
27 Apr 2019 11:43
Without Rusmap how do we get to your map now? :(
I think the best is waiting for us ahead...! :)

Once I thought about it, and began developing closer to Europe, that is, in the west of the country, to cling to the rest. Actually, I thought once to build a map so large that it did not need others, but still to remain part of one big world.
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