[REL] The Great Steppe - v 1.2 [1.31.x] [rel: 05.09.18]

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30 May 2019 07:35

Yes, I saw that, let him take his time and when the time comes he can take it out of the freezer.
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30 May 2019 14:40

Kobra2112 wrote:
30 May 2019 05:07

If you read the forum, project's in the freezer. It was fun following it while it lasted

It is not completely frozen, it develops slowly. Sometimes idle for a long time, and sometimes they move fast. From the description you can read that there is a great distance from city to city, which means that work takes a lot of time. Plus, the regional cities are large. To make it clearer, by the next release I want to enlarge the map approximately twice.

So keep calm and hope for the best. :D
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05 Jun 2019 21:03

Good luck and many will be patiently waiting for the release because the know that good things take time..

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