ProMods 2.46 for game version 1.37 has been released. Please be kind to the download servers :)
Please note that TruckersMP (multi-player) is still on game version 1.36 / ProMods 2.45

[REL] The Great Steppe - v 1.36 [1.36.x] [rel: 23.12.19]

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22 May 2020 15:28

Rusmap topic on the 1st page.

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22 May 2020 15:31


Have you looked under Maps category? An alternative download is here:

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22 May 2020 16:30

Thanks for both of you. I found it. :)
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24 May 2020 10:51

I'm assuming I can't use this map mod on 1.37 yet? Asking because it says 1.36 in the title.

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24 May 2020 10:53


Yes, you can use it on 1.37 as is, no problems!

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24 May 2020 19:11

thanks, not played the game for a while so i was on v1.2 but im gonna update the game.

just a pain its on sharemods. the ads are bad on that site.. my antivirus just went mental as a popup ad was infected with a trojan downloader that saved into my chrome cache! (its not often but not the first time they had dodgy ads on that site)

I assume this will work on 1.37 btw? cant wait to get back into euro truck. been too busy lol

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24 May 2020 21:25

Hi DragonWolf,

Yes this map works just fine on 1.37. You will need a connector if you want to use this map with Rusmap though (which you'll need as this is technically a rusmap addon and doesn't connect to any other map)
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