[REL] The Great Steppe - v 1.2 [1.31.x] [rel: 05.09.18]

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30 May 2019 07:35

Yes, I saw that, let him take his time and when the time comes he can take it out of the freezer.
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30 May 2019 14:40

Kobra2112 wrote:
30 May 2019 05:07

If you read the forum, project's in the freezer. It was fun following it while it lasted

It is not completely frozen, it develops slowly. Sometimes idle for a long time, and sometimes they move fast. From the description you can read that there is a great distance from city to city, which means that work takes a lot of time. Plus, the regional cities are large. To make it clearer, by the next release I want to enlarge the map approximately twice.

So keep calm and hope for the best. :D
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05 Jun 2019 21:03

Good luck and many will be patiently waiting for the release because the know that good things take time..

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06 Jul 2019 20:56

is this mod compatable with rusmap 1.9.0?

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06 Jul 2019 21:00

Yes this mod is compatible with RusMap 1.9

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18 Jul 2019 23:44

how about a RC scs to use with other maps ?

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19 Jul 2019 00:09


There are already plenty.
1. RC to ROS
2. Road to Aral (connects to TGS)

What are you thinking of? Any specific connection?

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20 Jul 2019 02:26

OwenJones wrote:
06 Jul 2019 21:00
Yes this mod is compatible with RusMap 1.9
Cant get it to work, no matter what i try , even following wombat's video. Are you sure this outdated mod is actually working at all? i place great steppe below promods, southern region and rushmap. But everytime the game loads, it freezes mid-loading. Im also mixing road to aral addon, that i place above this, and below rushmap, souther region and promods.

I mean, the combo promods-rushmap-souther region i have loads just fine, in the moment i add great steppe+road to aral, the game freezes on loading. Is there any specific order i need to follow when using these three? as i said, i followed wombats order, but it doesnt work (im not surprised, anyways but i needed to try something).


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20 Jul 2019 23:05

Every time you add something with a map sector (road connection, maps) the game is doing the recache of the whole map. The more you add, the more you will have to wait for the first load. Depends of your PC specs it could take even more than 30 minutes (worst case scenario).
Load the game and let it load. Next time will be faster.
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20 Jul 2019 23:29

Erm, yup lol, i know that. But you know, when the loading screen music stops, that means that the game freezed. As simple as that. And no, it doesnt take 30 minutes. promods+rushmap+southern region took about 5 minutes (the first time i loaded em). Dont tell me that just adding great steppe will take 30 minutes lol... thats illogical. In any case, as i said, i know that it freezed because the whole music stopped and i got a windows popup telling me that the .EXE did stop working.. and stayed that way for 10 minutes until well, i gave up.

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