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14 Feb 2020 14:00


Strange, but I don't get ONE single popup at ShareMods, but on the other hand I have
proper protection on my machine.

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14 Feb 2020 18:00

Hello 09_KZ I´ve got the problem when I want to copy the file model from seperated folder from my desktop 7-zip says to me CRC-Error the file is the mods folder but it doesn´t show up in mod manager

Greetings Willi

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14 Feb 2020 18:26


Actually my PC protection itself doesent want me even use Sharemods.com in the first place 😀. And it doesent allow me to download the first part of the mod i tried to overrule it of course as so far it seems i am only one having these problems and now when i try to download it basicly opens a casino commercial instead of downloading.

Might try out a different browser next (used New Edge)

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15 Feb 2020 07:08

Lahnaboy wrote:
14 Feb 2020 13:09
I had to block that download site you use (Sharemods.com)... got so many pop up ads telling me there is a nice lady 53 km away ready just for me etc :D Any alternative sites you use ? Cause honestly this mod seem so cool.
Use an adblocker? You dont need to block the site, the horny ads cant hurt you unless you allow them to.

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15 Feb 2020 17:49

I use adblocker, ublock and popup blocker. There isn't any single advertisement or popup.
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