[REL] ETS2 - project MajooouMap CZ (1.26 to 1.28)

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MajooouMap CZ is a standalone, 1:1 map of the Czech Republic

It's somewhat similar to another piece of art, Hungary map, because it's not just detailed. It's fairly "lively", comes with some big towns, there are parked car on some roads (read: challenge for a trucker). There are lots, and lots and lots of neat, challenging delivery companies truck unload zones. Roads feel allright and natural.
For now it's not huge, but it's improving version after version and it's plenty playable and fun.

Here's one of the Youtube videos for it

Here is their Facebook page.

Download links are on their Youtube and Facebook pages.

Nota Bene
I am not the map Author, just a fan of his map, I'd like to make this awesome map known.

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