[REL] ScandinaviaMod ProMods map add-on v0.4 for 1.32.x

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08 Jul 2019 13:13

Didn't drive in these areas yet but it launches without crashing.

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08 Jul 2019 14:16

with ets2 v.1.35, Promods 2.41 the problem is after tunnel aalborg you fall from world and game crash with ScandinaviaMod ProMods map add-on v0.4.1, i will waiting on new version.

Chris94_NOR, fantastic work.

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08 Jul 2019 20:12

Chris94_NOR wrote:
08 Jul 2019 06:29
I would not recommend changing in the manifest file to 1.35, because chances of issues.
I have not set a release date yet, and as always, please do not ask for one.
I always announced when there is one.
Patiently waiting. Also, let me thank you for your work. It's mappers like you that really flesh out Europe. Not to downplay the official promod maps, but playing with only Promods feels naked at this point ... I shudder at the thought of playing completely vanilla.
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15 Jul 2019 23:27

I never tried this mod before as I just wanted to wait for the 1.35 update, so I am waiting patiently. No rush, take your time to finish it.
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18 Aug 2019 11:11

Has anyone tried to change the manifest file to 1.35?

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18 Aug 2019 13:04

I think so, and it loads, but there are many bugs, it’s better to wait
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MG Mike
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18 Aug 2019 13:17

Yeah it was written before there it is not enough to update manifest.

And in addition, the creator has announced some new areas with next update so how was the song again?

" all we can do is sit and wait, all we can do is sit and wait..." ;)
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18 Aug 2019 15:17

ohh ye i see now, thank you:(

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14 Dec 2019 16:22

Just a quick question and sorry if I have missed the answer,
Are there plans to continue with this map and make it compatible with version 1.36?

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15 Dec 2019 16:12

The map is still being worked on. You can sometimes watch livestream on twitch
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