ProMods 2.46 for game version 1.37 has been released. Please be kind to the download servers :)
Please note that TruckersMP (multi-player) is still on game version 1.36 / ProMods 2.45

[REL] ScandinaviaMod ProMods map add-on v0.4 for 1.32.x

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16 Dec 2019 14:56

Thank you for your reply, glad it's still being worked on, I'll have to take a look at Twitch!
I appreciate it takes time, It'll definitely be worth the wait!

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13 Feb 2020 15:52

Is there comeing any update for the current promod?

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13 Feb 2020 17:09

It will come a new update at sometime.
Mod is broken and i will need to fix it when i am able to.

Also, please don't ask about release dates.
I don't know myself at what point i will be able to release a new version.
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- E39 Bergen to Ålesund
- E39 Kristiansand-Bergen, including Kristiansand and Stavanger rebuild


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21 May 2020 21:19

any news on it?

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