Replacing Promods' companies/trailer mod with Jazzycat trailers/cargo 5.8 pack

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29 Oct 2017 05:17


I have always used the map load order that's listed in the link here --->

....and I want to use jazzycat's trailer and cargo mod with my current ETS2 save. Can someone tell me where to put the jazzycat trailers/cargo mod in the load order in that link after removing the promods companies/trailer mod? I'm not an expert on load order by any means.


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29 Oct 2017 09:19

You can use Jazzycat trailer packs next to the promods trailers pack. Only thing you have to do is use the standalone-trailers-def.
And then you can place the Jazzycat trailer packs next to it.

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29 Oct 2017 09:26


Jazzycat Mods are standalone, so you can use the replacement def from the ProMods Trailer Pack - Jazzycat does not replace any default trailers.

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29 Oct 2017 22:13

Thank you for your answers :) I'll be doing that.

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