Russian Open Spaces v6.0 [1.31]

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25 Mar 2019 21:06

Wren28 wrote:
25 Mar 2019 01:20
Does anyone know how to get the Russian songs from the menu or what the name of the songs are or the singers? I tried opening ROS, but it seems to be locked. I tried using Shazam and Soundcloud with smartphone, but it didn't work. If anybody has any suggestions or can help, I would appreciate it.
this song is called: ЛЮБЭ - Берёзы (Lube - Berezy)

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12 May 2019 02:50

Has anyone gotten ROS to work with Promods 2.40 and Rusmap? I was able to get it working with Promods 2.33 and Rusmap, but with 2.40 it crashes.

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15 May 2019 09:39

martod wrote:
12 May 2019 02:50
Check out Wombat Trucker on YouTube. He does map combos all the time, and he has instructions on how to make them work.

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