Russian Open Spaces v6.0 [1.31]

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05 Sep 2019 03:46

Vacendak wrote:
03 Sep 2019 16:51
You know an alternative to coming on a forum with an epic whinge about what a modder did or did not put in their mod is doing 5 minutes of research to find the solution. Google "ROS ETS Music". There you will find a reddit post on the first page about halfway down that has a link to a small mod that changes the music back. Simply download, unzip, and install above ROS in Mod Manager and the problem is solved.
I can't find it? :(

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PerrydPelle wrote:
04 Sep 2019 11:53
Dude chill, it’s our choice what to play or not, sure some things can be unstable, but maybe this are probably minor things. I also prefer to play ROS standalone, but if he wants to play it with ProMods, that’s his choice. And btw. Wombats combos always work, if it doesn’t, then somebody is doing something wrong.
I follow Wombats combinations and test it for me it has never been so it doesn't work ...
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05 Sep 2019 19:37

Tried that again from Wombat's video, but included map mods he had and i didn't.

ROS works fine now in my default profile with PM and half the world. :D

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11 Sep 2019 01:52



Shinji Ikari
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01 Oct 2019 15:57

Hi guys, Russian Open Spaces 7.5 is compatible with Promods 2.41? In what order should the files be placed?
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01 Oct 2019 16:15

@Shinji Ikari Please stop using those big letters with the size tags, since it's violating rule 4e of the ProMods rules. Otherwise I've to give you a Warning!

to answer your question. It is only badly compatible, there are many known incompatabilitys with a Map Combo with ROS. Use it in a standalone profile instead.
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01 Oct 2019 16:16

Watch this Just skip the maps you don’t want. If you decide you don’t want to use RoEx, then also delete YKSRSK, and all road connections to YKSRSK and RoEx
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