[REL] Project Japan - Japan re-created in 1:19

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14 Feb 2020 16:25

Updated 0.3.2
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West Iberia Concept map
Progress Development For Sardinia map add-on


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15 Feb 2020 02:20

Nice! Thank you!
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28 Feb 2020 19:23

Hi guys,
I have all the required DLCs and placed the mod files by the order specified in the first post. But I could only see 8 cities on the map.
Is there anything I did wrong or any suggestions for me to see more cities?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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29 Feb 2020 02:08

There are only 8 cities on the map, so nothing is wrong ;)
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29 Feb 2020 05:03

All right...
Thanks a lot.
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15 Mar 2020 11:48

Its a shame that there isn't a Japanese AI traffic pack with Kei cars for this mod
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04 May 2020 04:46

The latest version of PJ "v0.4" is now in final debugging and adding more details.
Since traffic signs have been improved, we will release the second part of our PV.
The release date is yet to be determined, but please look forward to it!

The map team is doing its best, but the AI car is also doing its best to increase.
There are more cars than the ones listed in V0.4, so be sure to look for them!
Even if you don't run,
it might be a fun map just to look at!


The 1.37 version,
Project Japan Ver 0.40,is about to be released.
I can't give you a specific date yet,
but We will be announcing a release date in the near future.
The following 6 DLC MAPs will be required for this 0.40 release.
Please prepare these and wait a while longer for the release!


We reproduced the toll booth of Hanshin Expressway as much as possible.
There are a lot of things that I can't do due to space and constraints, but the atmosphere is important, so I'm doing my best.
There are many other parts that I am working on, so please come and look around!


Pre-release dumbed-down screenshot.
It's Japan, right?


Project Japan will be broadcast live just before the release of the film on the following channels.

Overseas, it's on Wombat's channel at 1:00.

In Japan, it will be on Haruyama-san's channel at 0:40

I know this is a bit sudden, but please take a look.
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