[REL] Sardinia map 0.9.1

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24 Jul 2019 18:45

tantalus wrote:
20 Jul 2019 21:52
Then , why is this mod still wip? as you said, scs content is better in quality. Im just trying to find a reason to try it. Thats all.
Sardinia map isn't WIP. It was release on August 2018, when SCS Sardinia was not even revealed.

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30 Jul 2019 12:57

Try adding "Sardinia Addon" to ETS 1.35 with other map mod and load the game and it worked like this my load order looks further down the list ..

Promods Models Package 1
Promods Models Package 2
Promods Models Package 3
Rusmap Def Package_(Not original)
[PREFABS by FLD] Sardinia Map Add-on v0.9.1
English City Names for Gukovo
Gukovo 1.2
Southern Region English
Southern Region map [Def and map]

But what is happening? I was able to drive to and from Sardinia with cargo ...
ETS2 1.36 [DX11] + Swedishisland 1.10 + Paris 2.4 + YKSRSK 195 + Roextended 2.4 + Rusmap 2.0 + Promods 2.43 + Middle East + Southern Region 7.9.0 + The Great Steppe 1.3 + Road To Aral 1.2 + MedMap 0.1

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01 Oct 2019 19:43

Did not know about this MedMap. Looks promising and particularly desirable!!

I have a question: any chance to get Ferries' connetion (from Sardinia Map) into (updated) Italia DLC? I mean, it would be GREAT to have the possibility of embarking at Geona or Livorno (Leghorn) to Sardinia's ports, just as it was before the DLC update using this MOD/Map.
Any possibility, on your opinions?
Thank you all.

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