[REL] Sardinia map 0.9.1

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25 Sep 2018 06:12

Topolino - agree w/you. Thanks for this addon-map :)
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26 Sep 2018 09:25

Hello, Please can anyone tell me the load for this map is please, I have rusmap & paris rebuilding 2.3

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26 Sep 2018 09:52

it shouldn't matter in which order you load it because it touches only areas where aren't included in the base game.
But: If you use the ferry connection file, you should place it above other maps that change areas in Italy or France (ProMods for example). There is an example load order on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGVZB-MbYSA

gmtavares hasn't edited the post yet, so:
Please redownload the ferry file! It contained an invisible wall bug! Also, I corrected time/distance parameters:
https://sharemods.com/ghk6xdizhe7h/Sard ... Y.scs.html
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26 Sep 2018 13:10

Thanks @Topolino, sorted, also I have not come across any invisible walls at all

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06 Oct 2018 17:22

my previous issues with map not loading is gone ...mysteriously
loaded perfectly Ok on my current mapsetups
(maps to come as to speak)

ferries working ...well only done the Palermo-Cagliari sofar...hoping to get back aswell :lol:

While at Sardinia why not buy a garage in Cagliari...not that expensive so I upgraded it ofcourse

invisible wall when driving towards the fuelstation, but managed to fill my tank ... and what about all those barrels...
looks like the builders didn't clean the yard when they were finished with the upgrades
Image Image

when this is posted the mess is taken care off..only thing remaining is that wall ..that I leave to the experts :geek:

EDiT: (well another issue, haven't driven to the ferry yet so it might be gone..maybe that's why the GPS gives me this route)
if NOT maybe something needs to be adjusted...I'll update this EDIT when I get there....hopefully a new ferry has arrived OR I have a loooong way back... :lol:

Arrived at Olbia ... drive up was nice, a few terrain gaps spotted... overall A Great looking trip, have to do a returntrip and discover some more..
ferry worked as it should...GPS is working again when arrived at the other side...

hopefully the ugly looking parked cars at port in Olbia is replaced .... they aren't at top quality IMO
so many of them, if it's not possible to replace, replace the see-through-fench with a brick wall ;)
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14 Oct 2018 20:33

Something I'm curious about, is the prefabs necessary at all, if you have the legacy compatibility fix?

Also, I notice the prefab is version 20 for ETS2 v1.27 of FLD's prefabs, and as far as I'm aware, his last release was version 22 for ETS2 1.30. What would happen if I used the newer FLD prefab pack?

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14 Oct 2018 20:37

Do I have to use prefabs if i use new Davyddins Legacy fix?
id777 ;)

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14 Oct 2018 20:48

@id777: I just asked that question.

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14 Oct 2018 20:51

The prefabs themselves aren't included in the fix, it only reactivates legacy FLD and ProMods prefabs, which would otherwise be deactivated by ProMods 2.30+.
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14 Oct 2018 21:06

So then, the prefabs have to be activated even if you use the fix?

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