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28 Jan 2020 09:01

Move MedMap under RoEx, but then you also need to download the prefabs
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28 Jan 2020 10:58

I have so but I don't have prefabs at all and everything works just fine ...

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mgbrainstormer wrote:
28 Jan 2020 08:30
Is this a commom problem ? a bug? This is the first time i saw this red texture. Iam using promods and roexteded where the problem came up in romenia ukraine and macadonia as far i can see.

My gamelog :

I have deleted Mediterranean Map 0.1 and now my textures are normal.

its look like something is linking to an ATS asset/prefab/model. The .tobj file is what loads the .dds (texture). In my case the dds is not being found because the tobj isn't there.

00:00:33.044 : <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file '/model/panorama/az_flagstaff/az_flagstaff_museum.tobj' in the read_only mode.
00:00:33.044 : <ERROR> [resource_task] Can not open '/model/panorama/az_flagstaff/az_flagstaff_museum.tobj'

I have made a movie here, this whas in macadonia :

It works with the map I had so initially but if you put Medmap 0.1 under ROEX then everything will be fine ...
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28 Jan 2020 21:12

Thanks for your help!. I will try so set it under roexteded
:) Buy the way iam already usings prefabs so iam not able to use prefabs from this map otherwise my ets2 will crash.
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