[WIP] Middle-East add-on

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10 Dec 2018 11:17

Hello! As a half-lebanese, im really excited for this!
However, i have a question:
Will the map be compatible with the turkey rescale by arayas? (He rescaled turkey to 1:19 scale). Considering this map dosen't touch turkey, i suppose it will work and someone can just make a road connection between them, but i just wanted to check.
Good luck, I cant wait for it to be ready!
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10 Dec 2018 12:35

This Map is made as a ProMods addon, so it will be compatible with ProMods. If it's compatible with other Maps, can't be told for now, but road Connections/fixes whatsoever to make it working, is the Job for other Persons, not the author himself.
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10 Dec 2018 15:29

Platypus wrote:
09 Dec 2018 09:10
Hello, Shalom, Salaam,

Not so much time to work on the map this week-end, but I have still three new pictures of a more desertic area ;-)
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11 Dec 2018 14:02

Finaly someone making Middle East !
Nice progress so-far. I wonder how many expansions this can get. Long term I would say Iran / Iraq ... those two have strong international trucking importance (specialy Iran also in Europe), just as a tip :)
Infrastructure looks cool too, maybe you might consider more muslim objects, like minarets and mosques?
And as someone mentioned about style of cities ... maybe, you could mix both styles (new, old) where space and realism allow you this
Otherwise good luck and looking forward !
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12 Dec 2018 20:04

Awesome! looking forward to drive along the oilfields! Place points of interest in your cities, like Burj Khalifa from Dubai.

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13 Dec 2018 12:39

When it is ready, is it compatible with Roextended 2.0 and YKSRSK Turkey map?

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13 Dec 2018 12:58

Hello everybody,

Thanks for your comments. I would however remind you the distances in the Middle East ...
Map.jpg (111.09 KiB) Viewed 1111 times
Well, the Middle East add-on in it's current state is in red. It took me nearly one year to build it (because I don't have so much time) and I work alone on this project.
So, Dubai is not for tomorrow ... And it's not my priority direction.

Priority should be to link it to the rest of the map, so to Europe. You can expect more work in Egypt ... At (very) long term, maybe it could include a part of the North African coast and connect to other projects. But it's to soon to say how it (and other projects) would evolve in the future.

About compatibility, it should be compatible actually with all maps working with Promods, as long they don't overlay Mid-East sectors ...

About style of cities, a mix between the 'old' and 'new' style will be considered, mainly for big cities like Cairo. But for the moment, reworking and release of the existing part is the priority :-)



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13 Dec 2018 14:00

Isn't Cairo in plans for Egypt map?
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13 Dec 2018 14:47

Technically, Cairo from the old Egypt map that was given to ProMods can even be used and rework.
It is one of the major cities in Egypt, so I take it it is definitely planned.
But I am just supposing.
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13 Dec 2018 18:37

Have you considered Western Iran, Northern Iraq and N Syria as a possibility if Turkey will be made?

Also, someone should make a Middle Eastern traffic pack (with old French cars, mopeds and coloured trucks).

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