Beyond the Baltic Sea

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23 Dec 2018 14:43

Dear ETS and Promods friends

Is it possible to add the DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea if you are using ETS2 1.33, Promods 2.32, Rusmap 1.8 and some other maps?


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23 Dec 2018 15:31

For the moment ProMods 2.32 and RusMap 1.8 overwrite the DLC area.
Other maps? no clue.
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26 Dec 2018 17:28

Just try it out :D
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27 Dec 2018 06:43

Hi Erhaem,

Should be possible as long as those maps do not interfere with the sectors that Baltic DLC writes to. Promods 2.32 and Rusmap 1.8.1 will overwrite Baltic stuff for the moment so you should be safe, all things considered.
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27 Dec 2018 09:46

This map is cool

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27 Dec 2018 10:29

yes, you can.. w/o promods map.. there is unoffical adapted rusmap mod w/some connections to Baltic DLC..
i``m having 2nd profile for vanilla+dlc`ies+roextended+turkey+rusmap+srmap+steppe+Sardinia+swedish islands w/o any critical errors and issues, at least for me.

also.. if you use promods+rusmap combination Balic DLC content will be overwritten
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11 Jan 2019 17:12

I produced two videos-the guide in German. All DLC including Baltic additional extensions RUS Map, Swedish Island, North Map (Norway) and Romania 1.7 are installed .

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