(WIP)Bosnia map addon

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18 Aug 2019 18:00

Will this map be compatible with promods?

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08 Nov 2019 20:36

Hi all after long time i am back from some news because i delete map file i decided started again :/ :D for more reasons 1. I deleted that map file 2. that map is dont have good quality 3. today i know more map editor so that map will have better quality the map plan is same so dont worry i dont abandoned this :D

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08 Nov 2019 22:10

Wow! That`s what I`m missing (also Montenegro). Thumps up!

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09 Nov 2019 07:23


As I know, in the next Promods update there will be two completely new countries in Balkans region (first is Albania, second is currently unknown). I suggest you to wait for the new Promods release to avoid a duplication of the territories. Then you can start working in the territory which will not be cowered by Promods :)

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09 Nov 2019 12:46

yeah thats good idea but that will work lot of time when new promods come out

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