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[REL] FSG Map real scale (1:1)

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10 May 2020 15:45


Fonctionne elle sous 1.37 ou pas encore ?


Hello Does it work under 1.37 or not yet? Thank you
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10 May 2020 17:42

No, the version for 1.37 is currently being tested
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15 May 2020 16:53

Good evening folks,
Today i want to present you the latest map progress in the FSG German part.The area i am mapping in this Video is located in the Southwest of Germany near the French border with the Region of Alsace. Stay tuned, more is ofcourse in the Pipeline.
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24 May 2020 21:03

PerrydPelle wrote:
10 May 2020 17:42
No, the version for 1.37 is currently being tested
Are we there yet? :P
I am getting bored with the default map and ProMods and wish for something more real but I just hate rolling back, especially since I use VR.

I am sure it must be an extremely huge task to build an entire country up from scratch, but my hats off to the team and if I can somehow give you guys an incentive with each download like Promods let us do with their paid downloads I will.

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