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[REL] FSG Map real scale (1:1)

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22 Feb 2020 14:45

En espérant avoir la haute marne un jour, qui à complètement été oubliée dans ETS de base ahaha

Hoping to have the Haute Marne one day, which has been completely forgotten in basic ETS ahaha
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29 Feb 2020 13:14

Hi all,
It’s a great day to show you a nice and well detailed drive through the new 1:1 scaled Area around Mulhouse. Enjoy it ! And have a nice Weekend:
Developer of the Westpfalzmap-project in 1:1 (german Part of FSG Map) :
To not miss anything important, follow me on Twitter:
And ofcourse check me out on You Tube: ... NAtDv2Nd3A

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29 Feb 2020 15:19


Hello everyone, I'm pleased to inform you that the trailer for the FSG V1. 2 is officially released, all the info is in the video :D


Bonjour à tous, j'ai l'heureux plaisir de vous informez que le trailer pour la FSG V1.2 est officiellement sortie, toutes les infos sont dans la vidéo allez voir ! :) :D


Farmer'S [TV]
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14 Mar 2020 17:47


[Update 04] The map is release (v1.2), go check the 1st post.


[Mise à jour 04] La map est sortie (v1.2), aller regarder le 1er post.

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