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26 May 2019 08:44

Trucker2223 wrote:
25 May 2019 11:55
we're not the RoExtend Forum. Ask there if you've problems with their download service. How are we supposed to know that?
Sorry for that Trucker2223. I should open a topic here for ROEX to avoid this kind of off-topic questions, if it's ok.

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26 May 2019 19:35

You could :P
There is no reason not to open a topic in either show your work for WIP screens and in map mods for info about released versions, etc
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01 Jun 2019 18:31

Since I use most of these mods combined, I couldn't find a better thread to ask - Is there a problem with the border passing in Moldova?

I'm in the middle of a delivery from Russia to Macedonia, passed Chisinau and im stuck in the border to Romania - the border barrier just won't get up. My truck is right on the green marker but there's no response or any message (checking documents etc).

Does anyone know how to solve this?

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