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Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 25 Feb 2020 14:24
by Adarskalen
About a version 2 of Romania Reworked I really don't know what to say. :?
One thing I thought of at the time the DLC was released was making some improvements only with the signage, and release it as a new mod.
But I also had the idea of making some additions on the DLC map, and release it as Romania Reworked v2.
I am still thinking about these ideas... There is also Arayas with RoExtended and I also found on the internet some other reworks and rebuilds of Romania of the DLC, for example Rebuild of Romania by StefanIT.
So, I really don't know what to do, if I still should continue this project or no. :?:

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 25 Feb 2020 16:54
by ffgameszocker
Me personally i don´t like Arayas version of Romania. It has many cities, but it is unrealistic, espacially motorway intersections. I like your style, you kept the original Promods Romania and made it more realistic with new signs etc. Ways to improve the romanian part of the DLC could be to add the rest of the A1 to Sibiu and connect it with Bucarest. That´s the main Transit route to travel to Bucarest and it is very weird that SCS didn´t add that route. One more thing i´d like to see is to build the new motorways, which got opened last year and didn´t got included in the DLC, for example the new opened part of the A1 between Deva and Lugoj.

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 25 Feb 2020 17:23
by Shiva
I found it.
Rebuild of Romania v1.2 (Black Sea Rebuild) by Stefan IT [1.36.x]
– we connected A2 (Constanța-București) from A1 (București-Pitești) through a suspended road that passes through the middle of Bucharest, to make the Constanța-Pitești route faster.
That does not quite fit well with the IRL limits enforced in Bucarest. ... -bucharest

RoExtended on the other hand, if they go for how their pre Black Sea version looked, then that map will be too crowded with cities.

There is options for the future.
Sebeș to Pitești A1? Sibiu as scenery?
E68 from A1 south of Sibiu to Brașov?
Or Brașov 1A or A to Bucarest? With Ploiești as distant scenery?
Altho, ProMods might do those. But who of ProMods crew?

SCS's A3 to E81 Turda interchange, I wonder if they sometimes do mirrored interchanges deliberately.
I have seen that in Italy DLC too.
Your A3 to E81 interchange, that was not mirrored.

Written and rechecked maps etc so long that there is a new reply I see :)

ffgameszocker I do agree with you.
And regarding that Deva and Lugoj section. Have you checked the developer console freeview option?
All of that road is ingame, as scenery.
The thing missing for that road itself is scenery and the exit/entry for south lane at Deva.
Even the E68 Săcămaş-Gothatea to A1 interchange is in game, sort of. Already shut off the game.

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 26 Feb 2020 14:35
by Adarskalen
Thank you very much for your opinions, I really appreciate, and your ideas are very good! :D

Firstly, I was also thinking of building the missing parts of the main roads which were avoided by SCS. Here we have some concerns, though. I can make A1 to Sibiu and then continue with DN7 to Bucharest, but DN7 there means a lot of work because of the scenery and the many towns and villages. So, building A1 to Sibiu is very possible and I think I would do it. But for Sibiu - Bucharest I can think only of continuing with A1 to reach Pitești; yes, this way A1 Sibiu - Pitești would be an imaginary route in the game, because IRL is only planned, and I cannot know the exact locations where the motorway will pass. Another option could be building DN1/E68 from the Sibiu A1 interchange to Brașov, and then from Brașov building A3 (also imaginary, but planned IRL) to reach Bucharest. I am not sure which option should I choose, but in any case I should build an imaginary motorway to reach Bucharest, as there is too much work on the national roads DN1 or DN7 with the scenery, and I don't have the right experience in the editor to do that yet.

Secondly, about the rest of the roads. I will try to build the newly-built motorways in Romania that are not included in the DLC (A10, A3 near Târgu-Mureș, the missing parts of A1). I will also rebuild the Turda Interchange to connect A10 (I really like that interchange, it's very interesting and strange-looking compared to any other motorway interchange I've seen; this is why I started with it in my first work).

Thirdly, about the signs (my main concern about Romanian Roads :) ). I would like to make a new signage system, as I did in my work in Romania Reworked, but it will be an imaginary one. This is mainly because the Romanian signage and road numbering is just not useful for drivers, it is more confusing than helping for orientation. For example, when first segments of A1 were built in Transylvania, respectively A1 Sibiu bypass, it was numbered as A1/E81 and replacing the old DN1, which was E81. But with the next segments it was not the same. The rest of A1, from Sebeș to Arad is just A1, and E81 and then E68 is used on DN1/DN7. For what reason? Nobody knows. This is one of the problems with the motorways in Romania, and this happens also with A3 and E60. Instead of numbering A3 as E60 also, they let E60 remain on DN1. Another problem: bad signage on motorway interchanges; I can provide here as example the lack of properly marking the interchanges on A1. Look here: Sebeș-Est; you have here just Sebeș, instead of Sebeș-Est, and also you have Sibiu... Why you should have Sibiu if you passed long time ago Sibiu? Nobody knows... And if you will look farther on A1 to Sebeș, you will see that until you reach Simeria, all the interchanges will have Sebeș (without North, East or West) and Orăștie. I could continue with examples here, but I have already written too much :lol: .

So, yeah, these are the things I had to say about a next version of my map mod. I appreciate your ideas and I will take them into consideration. Thank you for your support and I hope to hear your opinions! :D

Best regards

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 26 Feb 2020 17:36
by Shiva
Ah yeah, A1 ain't complete on that stretch yet.
A1/E81 Sebeș to Pitești

Myself, I would prefer the current roads.
Unless maybe if the roads are in build phase for whole stretch.

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 27 Feb 2020 13:15
by Adarskalen
Unfortunately, A1 between Sibiu and Pitești is only in planning phase. The only segment which is in build phase is a 14km stretch between Sibiu an Boița, the rest remaining only on the plans. And... I don't know... I will start anyway with some roads that are present in real life, and I will think of what to do next.

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 28 Feb 2020 14:51
by Shiva
Real life roads would be nice :)
I can't remember if I seen for Romania, but for Bulgaria I have seen some post drone pictures of how road builds have gone.
Adarskalen, would not be bad all, if ProMods staff would think that the roads are enough quality to be implemented to ProMods.

Whoa! some sections of Google Maps aerial view at Sibiu is more than 6 years old.

Doing a new route, I think that is harder than updating a route. Adarskalen, I wish you good luck :) that goes for IRL stuff too, not only ETS2 editing.

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 10 Mar 2020 02:36
by id777
I also vote for real roads.

Re: [REL] Romania Reworked v1.2

Posted: 07 Apr 2020 08:36
by Shiva
Arvidsson-Källqvist is doing Olt's Valley. Sebeș to Pitești.