[REL] RusMap for ProMods 2.41 (unofficial adaptation by gmtavares) [1.35.x]

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18 Jul 2019 06:55

@gmtavares concerning your OP, I think Southern Region - now updated to 7.9.0 - should be working fine with 1.35 :)
I could be wrong though, currently assembling all the mods for 1.35 and saw that SR7.9 fell under that ^^
Have a great day

Edit: currently having a drive with Project Balkans 3.4, Rusmap, ProMods 2.41, Southern Region 7.9.0 and The Great Steppe 1.2 loaded :) the roads look stunning with DirectX11.

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18 Jul 2019 20:45

can you add belarussian city names

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27 Jul 2019 05:33

No need for road connection between this version of RusMap and ProMods 2.41? If needed, where to download it?

Added in 6 minutes 53 seconds:
Or are the road connections already included in RusMap

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27 Jul 2019 07:29

its alrready included in this fix.. no separate RC.
// ETS2 v.1.35 [DX11]+Promods 2.41+Roextended 2.2(P)+RSK Turkey 1.8+RusMap 1.9.0+Southern Region 7.9+TGS 1.2+[Paris RB 2.4.+Swed.islands 1.10 (PM)+Road to Aral 1.0b] //

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27 Jul 2019 11:16

Hello everyone. As first i want tell you i dont speak english too much then sorry for that.

But i want to ask what is the difference between the gmtavares rus map and sergery rus map ?

I mean where is less bugs, better optimalization or what is the other difference. Thank you for answers.

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29 Jul 2019 05:52

the download link is blocked by Kapersky antivirus as a trojan horse

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31 Jul 2019 04:59

Maybe the border between Belarus and Poland needs improving, and large areas of lawns, which look fake, should be avoided.

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31 Jul 2019 13:17

sirdias, could it be the pop ups on sharemods that your Kaspersky blocks?
Or was it the file itself? The file should still be ok.
Sharemods pop ups has gone more evil I think.
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ProMods v2.33 and RusMap v1.8.1 load order for ETS2 1.34

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01 Aug 2019 07:53

Fix for Russian police in Middle East (for both Southern Region and RusMap): https://sharemods.com/zr7e63nio1cr/ME_- ... x.scs.html

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01 Aug 2019 17:07

Can it be used together with the other fix for russian police in Europe? Or one excludes the other? (If I understand well this is just for Middle East)
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