[REL] RusMap for ProMods 2.41 (unofficial adaptation by gmtavares) [1.35.x]

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10 Oct 2019 15:50

@James12 post your complete gamelog 8-)
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11 Oct 2019 10:55

Er waren errors:

Er waren fouten.
8 bestanden zijn geslaagd voor controlesomvalidatie.
7 bestanden werden niet gevonden.

Maar nu werkt ie wel weer normaal ondanks die 7 bestanden. Hij sloot zichzelf af dus ben ik even gaan kijken en toen vond ik de 7 bestanden niet...Dus denk dat dat het probleem was want als ik hem nu opstart en afsluit doet ie het weer helemaal normaal... 8-)

There were errors.
8 files are passed checksum.
7 files were not found.

But now he is working normally again despite those seven files. He shut himself off so I'm going to look and then I found the seven files ... So not think the problem was because when I boot and shutdown him now he does it completely normal ... 8-)
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19 Oct 2019 06:28

Uhh....no new update?

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19 Oct 2019 09:24

not needed it should still work just fine with ProMods 2.42.
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13 Dec 2019 18:01

Would it still work on 1.36?

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13 Dec 2019 21:06


RusMap needs to be updated to work on 1.36. I'm just waiting patiently, imagine someone is working on this.

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15 Dec 2019 03:53

Are there bugs in RusMap part?
Atleast the game seem to load with RusMap, ETS2 1.36 and ProMods 2.43 without crashing?
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15 Dec 2019 06:51

The map is too old to fit in now.

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15 Dec 2019 10:29

I will try to see if there are any errors and fix them.

While this map is getting a bit old, there are some very good parts.

[email protected] was on one or two weeks ago. Hopefully he is coming back.
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15 Dec 2019 17:35


The game loads fine. However, it consistently freezed when driving from Warsaw to Siedlce, just after that scenery town beyond the bridge. I imagine this is where the RusMap-Promods connector takes over, and the game locks up at that location.

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