[REL] RusMap for ProMods 2.41 (unofficial adaptation by gmtavares) [1.35.x]

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25 Apr 2019 18:01

Great Work!
Keep Up! :)
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25 Apr 2019 18:06

Gmtavares, this is wonderful what you and your friends are doing for the communauty. Thank you very much!

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25 Apr 2019 19:11

RusMap is Back with it's New Connection you sir Are the Top dog :D can't wait for it ;)
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25 Apr 2019 19:32

This will truly save the game!

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25 Apr 2019 19:59

Good job.


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25 Apr 2019 20:04

First of all thank you a hundred times for your effort to connect east and west :) You are now the rescue team!

I remember though, how in the last RusMap version there was a new connection from Sortavala to Joensuu in Finland. Will you "rescue" it as well?
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25 Apr 2019 20:14

Like on other forum ... You did a great job and I'm waiting for download :D
I can not wait to add RusMap to my main profile.

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25 Apr 2019 21:10

The hero that the forum deservves!
Great job

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25 Apr 2019 21:40


First of all: amazing to read the progress so quickly after the release of the new Promods version :)

I just bought Baltic DLC and updated Promods to 2.40 on my test profile. I know some mods are not compatible at this moment, so I'm trying to figure out which ones in order to update my main profile accordingly. My Main profile is still at Promods 2.33 without Baltic DLC enabled. Hopefully I will find a way to enable the DLC on that profile later.

If I read this thread correctly: only the road connection aspect and certain cities overlapping from Baltic with RusMap prevent the mod from loading in its current state (1.8.1), right?
Load order of said Testing:

Promods 2.30 Legacy Compatibility Fix
Promods & Rusmap connection (the newest)
Rusmap Map
Rusmap Model 1, 2
Promods 2.40 Map, Def, Model 1 2 & 3, Media, Assets
Rusmap Def (for 1.33 but followed steps for making it work in 1.34)
SR Ferry thing
Southern Region Def and Map
Southern Region Model 1, 2 & 3

In my Main profile I also had Project Balkans 2.8 (which is now 3.2) and The Great Steppe (which doesn't seem to work now, taking the compatibility fix into account)

Pastebin for game log

Thanks in advance and good luck with the improvement :)

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25 Apr 2019 22:44

Activate Baltic DLC.
But wait with ProMods 2.40 and RusMap combo until gmtavares and company have made and released the fix.
Your current RusMap map and def + Promods 2.30 Legacy Compatibility Fix and Promods & Rusmap connection won't work with ProMods 2.40.
You can run your ProMods 2.34 and map combo's until then.
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ProMods v2.33 and RusMap v1.8.1 load order for ETS2 1.34

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