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01 May 2019 00:04

greetings, really bothers me to combine maps with pro mod 2.40. I would like to combine YKS TURKEY AND RUSMAP. Would anyone want to give me a nice write out the order to unite and to activate modes. thanks in advance

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01 May 2019 07:09

You have to wait for the official release of a road connection with Rusmap. They are still working on it.

For YKS Turkey there is a connection. Check out their website:
Make sure you have YKSRSK 1.6, and Roextended map 2.1. This is the ProMods connection.
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01 May 2019 08:07

thank you

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01 May 2019 08:59

There is already a fix for RusMap 1.8.1 and ProMods 2.40 download this. ... 1_.7z.html
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