[REL] RusMap 1.9.2 (unofficial adaptation by Sergey061) [1.36.x] [UPD 2019-12-26]

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31 Jul 2019 21:23


Have you downloaded the latest Russian Traffic Pack from Jazzycat, which adds Middle-East support?
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31 Jul 2019 21:50

Yes, I do.

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31 Jul 2019 23:20

Could you please upload your latest full game.log?
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01 Aug 2019 01:03

My gamelog:

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01 Aug 2019 05:24

That's right. In the addon, 8 new states were added, and of course this was not taken into account either in Rusmap or in the Southern region .. The author of the add-on could simply add residence permissions prohibiting Russian traffic to his map and there would be no problems)))

Всё верно. В аддоне добавлено 8 новых государств и разумеется ни в Русмапе, ни в Южном регионе это не учтено.. Автору аддрна можно было просто добавить в свою карту прописки, запрещающие русский трафик и проблем бы не было)))
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01 Aug 2019 07:11

Fix for Russian police in Middle East (for both Southern Region and RusMap): https://sharemods.com/zr7e63nio1cr/ME_- ... x.scs.html

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01 Aug 2019 21:08

Thank you very much!

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03 Aug 2019 13:06

Hi there,

I have two things I like to talk about.

First, many players say that with direct x 11 the game play is better, the performance is better and so on.. I tested both last weeks and I must say I see no very big difference at my pc. I hoped that DX11 would increase something or would made that the viewing distance would be wider and better so that mountains doesn't built up in front of you anymore..

But no not yet.. For me it is quite the same.. With one exception:

I had a tour from Malmoe in Sweden to St. Petersburg, Russia. I started the journey with DX11 and everytging was fine untill I reaches the Ferry port near Stockholm. Everytime I start the ferry, the game crashed while loadingscreen.
Then I started another profile dx11 too and teleported myself to St. Petersburg. When teleportatiin was complete the game needs some time to "build up" the city. While this happening the game crahes. Even if I reduce AI traffic, or deactivate Jazzicats traffic packs.
The game crashed anyway.

New try: teleport to a city near Petersburg and then approach to it.. City choosen for that was Narva, but there same phenomenon.. Game crashes while City is building up..

Then I tried the same with DX9 and what happens???
Nothing!! Game runs as usual. No crashes, everything is fine.. As well as at Narva as well as at St. Petersburg. No crashes all fine with DX9..


Maybe you have similar observations or a hint why this is so?

And second issue is
The ferry costs from Stockholm to St. Petersburg. It costs 1500 € on standart economy..
I use a hard economy mod that gives me lower payments for the jobs and also lower costs at the ferries. But the Stockholm to Petersburg connection stays at 1500 Euros..

But that is not attractive when the payment for the Malmoe - Petersburg job is with hard economy 1589 Euros and the Ferry costs 1500.. Taking a stop at the gassstaion gives another 600 euros for Diesel so this tour is a great loss..
So the question is where can I integrate ferry costs for the Petersburg ferry into the economy mod? Or change it at another place?

PS: as I watched in the Gamelog at DX11 there were many entries that said" too many objects at the map"
May it be caused by your large merged Petersburg?

And may this be a reason why SCS made their "biggest city in ETS history" so small at the usable place? And the rest only as scenery?

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03 Aug 2019 13:12

As you can read on SCS blog or even when you select DX11 on Steam - it's experimental. Not stable. When you choose DX11, it means you understand there'll be various issues and you can't complain. Especially with mods enabled.

Also, I really have no idea why your post is in RusMap thread...
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03 Aug 2019 13:25

Because he is going to Saint Petersburg, a RusMap city.
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