[REL] RusMap 1.9.0 (unofficial adaptation by Sergey061) [1.35.x] [UPD 2019-07-18]

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23 Aug 2019 10:49

I can not download, my internet is good but still very slow. Any alternatives? HELP!!

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25 Aug 2019 10:06

New version, 4.3, of the Promods v2.41 to RusMap v1.9.0 road connection is released!
The problem with the steep hill road is fixed! Get it here.

https://sharemods.com/plb8wqmezen3/PPM2 ... 3.scs.html

It will soon also be on the first post when someone authorized to edit it with the info. This version fixes
the steep hill road problem.

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25 Aug 2019 12:08

The first topic post has also been changed. Version 4.3 added.

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03 Sep 2019 00:03


is this version of RusMap compatible with MHAPro without any road connection as aldimator's version? Or i need a road connection for MHAPro ?

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