[REL] Road to Aral - A Great Steppe Addon v1.0b

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24 Jun 2019 19:34

Looks nice! :D
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24 Jun 2019 19:50

Thanks, you know I try to do my best with piece of crap hardware. :D

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26 Jun 2019 20:29

can't wait.

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27 Jun 2019 16:15

A little update: The map will contain 5 instead of 3 cities! :lol:

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27 Jun 2019 19:39

far better :lol: :lol:

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28 Jun 2019 02:52

Where can I download the map?

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28 Jun 2019 07:13

It's still in development but will be released very soon!
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30 Jun 2019 11:16

This work looks really promising, the roads however look too good. Kazakh roads are usually in poor quality outside the cities, also could we expect to see Uzbekistan in the first release?

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01 Jul 2019 16:08

I've looked via Google Earth and at least the main roads, the M32 in this case, looks not that bad tbh, but the A26 running via Shalkar is an old asphalt road, indeed, bumps & obstacles will come probably in the next version. The same for Uzbekistan. As I am still learning.
My plan is to expand the map down to Shymkent... Maybe I'll rename this project to "Beyond the Great Steppe" or something like that then. But the main focus is on the lake Aral and surroundings for now. ;)

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02 Jul 2019 12:31

The project "Great Steppe" is designed for the whole country. In the next version I will rename it to "The Country of the Great Steppe"
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