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[REL] Road to Aral - A Great Steppe Addon v1.1

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23 Feb 2020 08:30

CS-TMT wrote:
22 Feb 2020 04:15
Hello. I have been trying to install this mod for the past couple of days with no success. When I activate it in mod manager, when loading my profile it gets stuck for a few minutes as usual when activating new maps, but after a while I get a CTD. When I deactivate this mod everything loads fine.
I have the following mods:

- ETS2 1.36
- Paris 2.4
- Rusmap 2.0
- Promods 2.43 + Middle East
- Southern Region 7.9.0
- The Great Steppe
- MedMap 0.1

In priority list, I put it right above RusMap as instructed in the information of that mod.
You have med map in the wrong place first of all. Road to aral is an addon for the great steppe map so make sure you are using the updated version, then slot it right above the 3 files of great steppe (model. map, def in this order) then put road to aral on top of def. Move medmap all the way to the top right after rusmap.

Paris 2.4
- MedMap 0.1
- Rusmap 2.0
- Promods 2.43 + Middle East
- Southern Region 7.9.0
- road to aral
- The Great Steppe (def

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05 Apr 2020 02:17

So, I've decided to try this mod out, and started a save file on Aralsk. However, I've been running into some invisible walls - the first one was on the gravel road when going from Aralsk to Shalkar, in which I'm suddenly bumped into the wrong lane and unable to get back to it. I was forced to travel on the opposite lane for a while until I was able to return to the proper lane, in which I thankfully was able to resume my voyage to Shalkar - I was lucky because that particular invisible wall never damage my truck even when I tried to grind against it.

The second invisible wall, however, is an entirely different story. I was on the four-lane track heading from Khromtau to Aktobe - I presume this is the transition from Road to Arel to The Great Steppe proper, as Aktobe and several cities from Western Kazakhstan aren't capitalized properly, unlike the cities from Central Kazakhstan. Things were going normally, until I suddenly hit smack dab onto a flat invisible wall that stopped me dead on my tracks and dealt a huge amount of damage to my truck. There was no way to get around that one, and every time I tried to wiggle my way through it, I'd collide and suffer even more damage.

On both cases, traffic was able to keep travelling through the invisible wall with no issues; only I was impeded from going on.

I tried looking stuff up on the internet and didn't find anyone talking about this issue, but I did find an obscure fan-made patch that purports to fix the exact same issue I've ran into. (Well, at least the second issue; it doesn't mention the first one, but I can live with it since the first one isn't a complete game breaker like the second is.) I'll try it out to see if it fixes the problem, and will give feedback on it later.

EDIT: Good news, the patch fixes the invisible wall!

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