[REL] Road to Aral - A Great Steppe Addon v1.1

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16 Dec 2019 17:53

The future sounds good for the development of this mod with it being part of the Road to Asia.
Good luck to FunTrucker_18, thank you for what you achieved so far and I hope you are back involved with the development in some form when you are ready.

In the meantime, is Road to Aral v1.1/v1.1b compatible with 1.36, Promods 2.43 and Rusmap 1.9.1?

Thank you.

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30 Dec 2019 03:15

No, it is not.

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30 Dec 2019 03:37

To an extent. You'll get errors in your log and your play experience will be far from optimal. There is however an update to the map coming soon to allow compatibility with the Great Steppe (which as of the newest version is at different coordinates). Stay tuned...
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30 Dec 2019 19:18

Thank you ShirBlackspots and Kobra2112 for your responses.

I'll remove the map for the time being and keep my eyes peeled for the update and any development news!

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31 Dec 2019 15:34

Road to Aral v1.2 for 1.36 has been released!

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02 Jan 2020 18:05

Hello ExtremorGP.

Thank you so much for the new version of the map.

Much appreciated. :-)

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