[REL] Border improvements pack for RusMap and The Great Steppe [1.35]

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09 Aug 2019 07:15

Hello. A new pack for The Great Steppe has been released. Check the first post for download link.
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09 Aug 2019 12:59

Man, I just installed 1.1.2 yesterday and today you released TGS... This happens every time I install something new to map combos :lol: :cry:
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09 Aug 2019 22:41

i have broken roads in my bigmap profile i put above great steppe here load order and crash road https://ibb.co/z4qDKvm

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09 Aug 2019 22:43

Try to place this mod above RusMap

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10 Aug 2019 07:38

thanks now working

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10 Aug 2019 12:09

There is a typo in the original post! You mistyped "The Great Steppe" and wrote "The Breat Steppe" instead :D

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14 Aug 2019 18:13

Hey mate, having a changelog and the actual version number of your mod on the first page would really be helpful. Great work!

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19 Aug 2019 06:22

I know probably not a priority for you, but something you might want to try - the mod breaks with Realistic Russian Highways by brainiac. If you put this mod above his, you fall through the world just before the russian border crossing near belarus on the M1 (I'm guessing there's a sector conflict or item duplication somewhere). I'll tell him about it too, if the mods are simply incompatible though I'll just kick one and see what happens. The poland-belarus crossing looked cool though and works fine, good job! Would be nice to see this included in rusmap now that sergey is working on it as the old crossings were just there to make it feel like a border.
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19 Aug 2019 07:08

Most likely we edited the same sector. There isn't another option except making compatibility version.
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