Macedonia Rework v1.2.2 for ProMods v2.43

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15 Sep 2019 11:25

It's a problem that these company prefabs don't have an OUT Spot for trailers, since they are supposed to be IN Companys only(since they are Companys where you only deliver). When you try to accept Jobs from Freight market, it will never generate any Jobs for those companys (like it's supposed to do) but due to an Game engine bug, on the Cargo market it will generate Jobs regardless if they have Out Spots or not. And if you try to accept these Jobs the game will crash, since it doesn't know where to place the loading bay for your trailer. So those 2 Prefabs need Out Spots to be added, to fix that issue. Since they are from ProMods, only the ProMods devs can fix that. I'll inform the devs about that problem.
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15 Sep 2019 14:21

Actually, they won't get any OUT spots. In PM, one of those prefabs is no longer used, and the other one is assigned to Lidl, which doesn't have OUT cargo, so that issue won't happen.

There are 2 solutions:
1. Choose a different prefab for your companies
2. Do some tricks with definitions to create a duplicate company with the same name, but without OUT cargo (you can see we did it ourselves with some companies, check our def file)

I make prefabs exactly for one exact spot on the map, to be assigned to a certain company, and it shouldn't be used anywhere else, as it may not work 100% correctly there (due to collision mismatch for example).
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15 Sep 2019 14:51

Updated to v1.1.1

I replaced the woj87 prefabs with woj126 prefabs in Krushevo and Struga, and the woj96 prefab with a woj76 in Krushevo - I tested it and now the game doesn't crash.
In Kichevo, I couldn't find the room for the woj126 prefab, and none of the other ones fit, so I changed the company to Lidl - now the game doesn't generate jobs for that prefab.

This should fix the problem.

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15 Sep 2019 17:11


thank you for the fix - now everything works perfectly!

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15 Sep 2019 19:19

Great job friend.
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21 Sep 2019 15:32

Updated to v1.2.0

- Adds the РЕК Битола (MEC Bitola) coal power plant;
REK Bitola.jpg
REK Bitola.jpg (42.92 KiB) Viewed 979 times
- Adds the R-1311 road from the city of Битола (Bitola) to the power plant РЕК Битола (MEC Bitola);
R-1311.jpg (47.25 KiB) Viewed 979 times

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15 Dec 2019 08:17


Is this MAP compatible with Promods 2.43/ ETS 1.36 ?

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15 Dec 2019 11:58

Not yet, but I'm working on it. A compatible version should hopefully be out next week.

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16 Dec 2019 16:00

I was going to ask the same question regarding compatibility!
Can you also clarify the correct load order once its tested and released?
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20 Dec 2019 05:46

Patiently waiting for an updated version :)
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