[REL] Junction Overhaul for Promods 2.46

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25 Aug 2019 14:48

This mod replaces some of the old SCS junctions that are not being touched by Promods or SCS on the most important transit routes. Why? Many of the important North-South or East-West routes are pretty nice, but do contain one or more very old part, ruining the immersion, at least to me. Since Promods and SCS are working on other area's I didn't want to wait any longer and tried the editor for myself. What I did was using Promods or SCS newer junctions to replace those old junctions, so all credits goes to Promods and SCS.

When Promods or SCS will rebuild this areas I will, of course, remove those sectors from the mod as my work is not according to real life, it's just more descent then it is now. I'm open to feedback of course, because I'm pretty new to the editor, I can't create miracles yet:)

What i've done so far :
Calais, A16 will continue at Calais:
Bern to Italy A2:
Maribor to Graz:
Graz junction:
Poland A2 (Poznan):
Poland A4:
Sweden A4:

Version 1.24
- Compatibility Promods 2.45
- 2 New junctions in Budapest
- Rebuild M5 Szeged-Budapest
- Bugfixes
Version 2.46
- Fixed crashes in Poland

Version 1.23 Promods 2.43
https://sharemods.com/hjur399ijlrc/junc ... 3.scs.html
Version 1.24 Promods 2.45
https://sharemods.com/qhezz67nl2z6/junc ... a.scs.html
Version 2.46 Promods 2.46
https://sharemods.com/lekqck4oe7xz/junc ... M.scs.html

Version 1.25a Poland Rebuilding version (needs PR 2.4.1) (only compatible if Poland Rebuilding is installed)
https://sharemods.com/rwcw7zvhhv9k/junc ... R.scs.html
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25 Aug 2019 15:20

Really interesting work, i'll give it a try! Thanks

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25 Aug 2019 15:26

I think that you should make those junctions like they are in real life. Of course, this is better and congratulations on the idea!
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25 Aug 2019 21:10

Looks good, i will try it out.
Just one question in relation to the Mod Load Order, where should this be placed?

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25 Aug 2019 21:13

It has to be above ProMods of course, otherwise it won't overwite our map sectors.
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27 Aug 2019 20:19

Interesting and look good from what I can see here..

In germany there are some of these too, but probably soon changed by SCS and Promods of course too..

I tried to take a view at the Promodsmap on the editor but everytime the game is crashing shortly after entering the editor..
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29 Aug 2019 20:13

Thanks guys,

@brainiac: I wish i had the skills for very realistic junctions, but I dont. But I also think Promods or SCS will remake those junctions in the end, so that would not justify the effort in time, this was already pretty time consuming.

@MG Mike: in Germany there are many roads to avoid bad areas and the remaining rebuilds by SCS will follow relatively soon, I probably more focussing on the Lyon and Amsterdam area.

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15 Sep 2019 11:27

Will even more of these trips come in the future
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15 Sep 2019 13:24

Continuing the M62 in the UK east towards Hull where it meets the A63 has always been high on my wish list.

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26 Sep 2019 19:21

I might work on other parts, Just not in area’s like the UK, since a total overhaul is needed there, not just a single junction.

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