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31 Aug 2019 19:33

Hello everyone!

As I was traveling from Finland through Russia to the south, I noticed that Russia had 1h less then Finland, which is not realistic. I've already read that it's SCS' fault and can't do much, but is there a fix out there?

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01 Sep 2019 14:32

May I ask why you add this question to map mods? this question is totally irrelevant from this section map mods.
Admin, can you please move this to the correct section?

To answer your question: Russia shares the same time with Finland in summer, but in winter Russia is 1 hr. later than Finland.
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01 Sep 2019 15:53

The def file places the entirety of Russia in the Kaliningrad time zone with in Summer is equal to time in Central Europe, in Winter they have the same time as Finland. If you want to be correct : in the promods def file there is a folder "Country" in which there is a file named "russia.sii" (there is also a folder "Russia" - don't look there)

time_zone: 120 # +2 hours in minutes
time_zone_name: "MSK"


time_zone: 180 # +3 hours in minutes
time_zone_name: "@@[email protected]@"

# kaliningrad area, EET, +2 hours
secondary_time_zone_area[]: (32352.0, 41872.0, -26082.0, -20383.0)
secondary_time_zone[]: 120
secondary_time_zone_name[]: "@@[email protected]@"

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03 Sep 2019 22:00

Excellent solution, solves a pet peeve that I had regarding incorrect time zones and Russia maps.
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