[REL] SVK MAP by KimiSlimi V.19

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19 Sep 2019 19:32

In my opinion you should keep only: Nitra, Považská Bystrica, Poprad, Brezno, Košice and maybe Vyšná Jablonka and Michalovce. It would be much better, considering that in pictures it is still too crowded with cities, especially East Slovakia and Nové Zámky + Levice.
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19 Sep 2019 21:40

It looks good imo!
Road to Asia Admin and beta tester. Our map is going to be released in 2020 so stay tuned. :D My Screenshot topic: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29771

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20 Sep 2019 16:42

Hello, try this version of map for ProMods 1.35 = 2.41, but I warn you, I will rebuild old cities in my map and countryside and I have to rebuild my map with ProMods Uzhhorod and I need ProMods navigation signs to modernize my navigation signs. :D

https://sharemods.com/ntwsdjoz4rtm/SVK_ ... 1.rar.html

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20 Sep 2019 23:00

Can you also make roex compatible

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28 Oct 2019 12:17

odkaz hlasi ze byl odstranen a ja to chtel s tim promods skusit :( :(

voice from the reference was dropped and I wanted to try with that promods
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14 Nov 2019 10:05

skus to cez jeho Facebook tam to stiahneš

to bite through his Facebook where to download
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