I need some curves, mountain roads, bad road maps

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19 Feb 2020 18:39

I need some curves, mountain roads, bad road maps
Please help me.

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26 Feb 2020 17:22

ProMods actually has plenty of that, specifically in Iceland, Scotland, northern Scandinavia (to name a few). Then there's Southern Region which has a ton of twisty gravel roads. You can also give EAA a try, again, a ton of twisty roads, flooded highways and difficult terrain. EAA can be a bit hit and miss in certain areas though.
If you're not opposed to fictional maps, I highly recommend Grand Utopia: honestly one of the best maps out there and a blast to drive on. Project Japan is also really good, although a bit small at the moment and PJ Indo is also very mountainous.
There are a ton of "Brazilian" maps that have tough roads. I would check out Wombat Trucker on YouTube. He does map reviews and you can find out about a LOT of obscure maps that you would have otherwise never heard of.

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05 Mar 2020 22:36

Try Harsh Russia ( Lake Baikal map )
Has tons of such roads that you are looking for.
But it's unpredictability sometimes can be a pain in the ass .
Take in mind it's a 1:1 scale map

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06 Mar 2020 16:14

I can confirm that Iceland in ProMods is a royal pain (but a beautiful snowy royal pain). First time I went there on a Quick Job, the truck I was given was *not* at all equipped for the icy hills around the destination on the northern shore. Had to get towed to the nearest city twice (which was back the way I came...) and try several detours to get that job delivered. Thank goodness it was a Normal Delivery and I'd built up some slack over the 2000-mile trip... Getting to Liechtenstein across the Alps wasn't quite as difficult, but that may very well be because I had my own truck by then and had it better equipped for hills. I found Spain to be a challenge, too, but not so much because of the mountains -- because of how complex the city interstate connections are! Getting to Barcelona from the west reminded me of getting hopelessly lost in New York with an outdated GPS.

I can also verify that the Southern Region map has a lot of tight mountainous curves along the southernmost reaches. The route is very linear, unfortunately, but only in that each city is often only connected to two other cities -- the road itself isn't linear at all!

If you can't afford *all* the DLC, I suggest making your first purchase the Baltic DLC. Latvia & Lithuania are full of twisty dirt roads and it honestly feels a lot like home in the rural piedmont of the Carolinas. But if you do have all the DLC (as you should for ProMods!) the two islands in the western Mediterranean, Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy), are also full of tight & windy mountain roads along the coast.

In short: I highly suggest giving ProMods + RusMap + Southern Region a try, and checking out Spain, Switzerland, Iceland, Corsica & Sardinia, the Black Sea, & Latvia for the twistiest parts I've encountered on the ridiculously huge map. (The other recommended mods are also nice, but there are a lot fewer of those bad roads you're after in the Balkans, Paris, or Kazakhstan.)

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