ProMods 2.45 has been released. It runs on game version 1.36 and requires ALL map DLCs. It is not compatible with open beta 1.37.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sadly unable to expand our server capacity as per usual and the free download servers are likely to be overwhelmed upon release. Please be kind and patient or use the paid service for a better experience.

[REL]SZMAddon for RusMap (ETS2 [1.36] - Demo 1.0)

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11 Mar 2020 20:25

Thanks for the fix!

Which add-on should have higher priority in the mod manager - Piter or SZM ?

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15 Mar 2020 12:15

Unfortunately don't works :)



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15 Mar 2020 12:34

You have the wrong mod order
Fix must be above SZM Map and Piter Mod

(Masz złą kolejność modów
Fix musi być nad SZM Map i Piter Mod)
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15 Mar 2020 12:40

SZM map must also be above Piter
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15 Mar 2020 19:10

Now works. Thanks for help :D

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26 Mar 2020 12:01

Looks really nice!
Do you have future plans for expanding to the Vologda region ?

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06 Apr 2020 12:45

No, sorry. The project will end after the release of version 2.0. The project territory is planned to be implemented by RusMap author. In order not to do double work, the project ends within the current boundaries.
Author of the project SibirMap&SZM Addon

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