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[WIP] Red Sea Map

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21 May 2020 04:10

Red Sea Map - WIP

Welcome to the Red Sea! This map mod will connect the ProMods ME road from Taba south into a whole new area on ETS including cities up and down the Red Sea coastline. Having flown over the Red Sea many times in the real world, it's quite a beautiful area full of history, trade, wonderful towns, and amazing hospitable people. This area deserves representation in our vibrant ETS2 community and of course, provide a nice haul from Somalia or Eritrea up the Red Sea into the rest of Europe.

I originally was just making this map for my own personal use, but what fun is that! However, I'm changing my approach to casually editing it to having a daily routine to work on this project. I could always use some help too, especially from those experienced with modeling and asset management and it would be nice to have a co-developer in the event life takes course and I run into limited time in the future. If interested, send me a DM on the Discord. (Username: b738pilot)

The image below shows a preliminary plan with realistic "starter map project" goals. In the future, we can expand to Ethiopia and South Sudan and who knows the potential as the road networks in East Africa are not only simple to build but very fun. Precision and detail to the 1:19 scale is given as well.


Project Discord:
Dependencies: ProMods and ProMods ME (Middle East)
Load Order: Directly above ProMods ME


20 MAY 2020:
- Discord and ProMods WIP Forum Post made to engage the community
- Road to Nuweiba, Red Sea Map's first city, complete. Construction on Nuweiba is currently in progress. I will most likely release it once Nuweiba is complete to provide a teaser for what's to come.

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21 May 2020 06:02

Wow, that sound amazing! Can't wait to see what it look like :D

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21 May 2020 06:38

Interesting indeed!

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21 May 2020 09:32

:o :o :o 👍👍👍Great idea, I can't wait. I love this kind of map and this region. You had a very good idea, don't give up, it's probably a lot of work, but I think many of us will like what you do. Congratulations again ;) ;) ;) :P
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21 May 2020 10:03

Nice, so many good projects are WiP :) There are already great possible Map combos, now all these maps expanding to asia and africa, i'm really looking forward to the releases :)

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21 May 2020 12:24

Amazing addition to ETS2. Can't wait to see more details

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21 May 2020 16:21

so, would you just skip Eritrea?

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21 May 2020 17:06

Wow, that's good news.
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21 May 2020 17:15

Nice work and plan. How will you connect Halayeb with Port Sudan, by Ferry?

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22 May 2020 00:39

Gamereality wrote:
21 May 2020 16:21
so, would you just skip Eritrea?
Nope, Eritrea is one country I'm looking forward to make, in fact, as soon as my road hits the border, I'll probably build up the whole nation. Personally visiting Asmara, Eritrea is one of my favorite nations in Africa, although I have never been to Sudan or Djibouti so maybe those are just as nice too! :) I have two options for connecting Sudan to Eritrea (besides ferries), there is a dirt road that ends on the Red Sea, but although Google Maps shows a connection over a river, I don't physically see any bridge, so I can make a fictional bridge, or a Romanian style live ferry like in the DLC.

Another option is a road from Port Sudan to the inland a little more, that'll create about an 800-1000km additional drive though into Asmara, which I would like to build eventually, but with this part of Africa where there is not much along the way except a desert, fictional items like even gas stations will appear so we'll "cross that bridge" when we make it down to Sudan. Plenty of stuff in Egypt to work on and finish up for the next few months anyway.

To answer another question, similar to my response about Eritrea, there is a dirt road that follows the Red Sea down to Port Sudan, and then there is another one that go inland. I plan on building both. I don't think a ferry connection would be appropriate out of Halayeb.

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