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Rusmap 2.1 And Southern Region 1.9.0 Road Connection

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21 May 2020 22:18

So I just installed both Rusmap 2.1 and Southern Region 1.9.0 (previously called 1.8.0) for ETS2 1.36 and I was wondering if there's a road connection for between the two of them. I've been able to have road connections for all of my other map mods but for some reason I can't find one for this. There are two major roads on the map where Rusmap ends and SR begins but you can very clearly see them close to each other but not connecting. When I downloaded SR, it said that a road connection with Rusmap is not needed because it already comes with the SR map. Is anyone else having this particular issue? I didn't put this in troubleshooting because it's not a Promods issue. I also don't know if I should post my game log or not since it's not crashing anymore with this issue. (I actually had the wrong mod order and had a map that was too small which was causing the game to crash whenever I zoomed in on the "missing areas" between the end of Rusmap and the beginning of SR but have since fixed that problem)

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21 May 2020 22:35

Rusmap above SR map. Try that.
You do mean the most current versions of both maps?
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22 May 2020 07:53

Yeah this post is just irrelevant now I guess. I just uninstalled SR because of just how many problems it was giving my game.
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