[REL] Project Balkans 4.11 for 1.36

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28 Jul 2019 22:41

Will you make highway through Belgrade center like on promods original?

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05 Aug 2019 13:16

bmwGTR wrote:
25 Jul 2019 10:53

please show us your game.log.

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I showed the game.log two messages before

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06 Aug 2019 10:37


Code: Select all

00:01:25.355 : <ERROR> [unit] There are multiple unit trees in the file '<C:/Users/kerem/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/promods-def-st-v241.scs | >/def/game_data.sii'.
00:01:25.355 : <ERROR> load_unit_tree() - Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/game_data.sii)
Try to redownload ProMods Def - seems that there is something wrong with the def file.

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06 Aug 2019 11:40

Thank you so much! It works :)

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12 Aug 2019 20:55

For some reason i have FPS dop only in Project Balkans areas. :cry: On the rest of the map i have no problem.

Sadly I had to remove it!

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30 Aug 2019 16:58

grega wrote:
23 Jul 2019 18:42

Thank you for your comment ! Means a lot, specialy from someone (guessing by nickname) from that area :D Not having center of BG is because of it's complexity and size, sadly. We used the space as optimal as we could, to have variety of delivery points. If we would made highway through center, you probably know there are some 10 exits / entries to the highway system, and making only one or max. 2, would be nonsense. Plus the network was done by experienced guy living in BG so we totaly trust him, for making the best job possible :)
Later on we will focus more on rebuilding / making it better / and not that much in expanding :)
Completely understandable and reasonable. Thank you for answering.
Yeah, I live in Belgrade (wouldnt say that by the nickname :) )
On the bright side, Transped is in the map :)
I'll hit you with one suggestion - in case you expand to Čačak or Valjevo, don't miss to include small, but famous town of Lajkovac.
Cheers and congrats again on top class map, love all the little details.
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26 Sep 2019 18:27

How can you download this mod ? Is it already done, I‘m from Germany but my parents are from Bosnia and I really like the Balkan region. Really want to drive there :D

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26 Sep 2019 18:34


Just look at the first page ;)
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David Balkan
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21 Oct 2019 09:40

hello is what you can put the city Zenica and Sarajevo and the highway between Banja luka and Doboj thank you

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21 Oct 2019 12:13

Is this wonderful Map compatible with Promods 2.42?

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