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[REL] Project Balkans 4.11 for 1.36

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02 May 2020 22:20


First of all, great work producing this map!

However, my game crashes when i drive from Gyor to Bucareste (the truck sinks into the tarmac!). i also tried another route from Zagreb through the M7 and it happens the same. I already installed the hotfix but the problem persists... :(

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04 May 2020 00:34

Quick jobs in Nis crash the game with PB installed.

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SaMartok (NL)
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04 May 2020 10:45

I was really looking forward to adding this map in my mapcombo, but with all the errors & the whole FLD assets issue, I've had to give up on this map.

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04 May 2020 11:08


sorry if i got mad

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04 May 2020 17:54

Once again. We allways, from point 0 up to today guaranteed the compatibility ONLY with Promods :) And only with it, everything works without a problem (drove on mentioned sections).
There are couple ten map combos available (and new emerging)... if we would do this, we can spend our lives doing only compatibility with them - endless story.
If players don't want to play with our map + PM --> fine, we never forced anyone :) But if you want to have a combo map ... please feel free and arrange yourself a decent fix for it. This is not our "duty/job"

Thanks for understanding
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04 May 2020 18:06

The Nis crash happens only with Promods, no other maps loaded.

The map is very good in some parts, it is a shame it's unstable. The FLD issue is not in relation to other mods, it is something that should be fixed regardless. So do the sinking in the map issues. This is a map that is a Promods addon and it has tons of issues combined only with Promods. A rework is needed. I understand that there may not be enough time for this, but in the current state this map is flaky.

This is not supposed to be offensive, it is the way things are.

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04 May 2020 18:10

After some reports seams that Project Balkans are still using old custom edited prefabs from FLD pack who were available in previous versions of Promods.
Promods team eliminated this conflicts between custom Promods FLD prefabs and universal ones but Project Balkan are still using the old ones.
For that reason any map using the standard universal FLD pack, as Roexteded, russian maps and probably even some Promods add-on maps are gonna have big problems.
This is the result of this problem
(posted by MG Mike in Roex forum)

MG Mike
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04 May 2020 18:43

Yeah I posted it with this and other pictures. But I have to say it is right as Grega says, by using Promods AND Project Balkans ONLY this issue from my Screenshot is Not there. It is as Grega said, PM with PB only, no Problem..

But if there comes maps like Rusmap, Roex, southern region or others there will be that issues.

I think if Grega and his team would update or convert their custom FLD pack bakc to the universal one (don't know how hard this work is) there were no problems with other map combos.

Another thing that come into my eyes is that in most areas there are all over the old textures for landscapes and vegetation ad well as old road textures and so on.. And a little bit annoying, but maybe it has to do with the combo, but several mountains build very late up direct in front of me. But it could also be that my RAM was overloaded.. I try it again asap.

And you really should do something about Maribor..
Make the border between PM and PB outside the city or take it over from Promods to your map but current you break the city..
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05 May 2020 02:45

Went to many places,no problem,Thanks for your work.

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19 May 2020 09:51

It made roads, buildings and other objects black

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